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Saint Gobain Ceramic Beads

ZirPro ceramic beads are recognized as highly performing and cost effective industrial solutions for shot blasting processes.

ZirPro ceramic beads apply to numerous processes of surface treatment for a wide range of substrates from hard steel to light alloys, polymers and ceramics. ZirPro blasting & peening media provide outstanding benefits in terms of quality, consistancy  and productivity.

ZirPro ceramic beads comprises four media families of engineered ceramic microstructures:

  • Zirblast® ceramic beads,   Zirblast® ceramic beads are widely used for cleaning or preparing surfaces and for steel tool cleaning applications.
  • Microblast® ceramic beads,  Microblast® fine ceramic beads have become a market reference for smooth surface finishing of satin aspect.
  • Zirshot® and Zirshot® Y ceramic media. Zirshot® and Zirshot Y® ceramic media provide unique stress profiles in shot peening and peen forming applications remaining very gentle to the substrate surfaces.

 ZirPro ceramic beads perform very efficiently in dry or wet pressure blasting systems and in multi-turbine blasting equipment. ZirPro shot blasting and peening media ensure excellent working conditions thanks to their low dust emission, round shape, smooth surface and high strength. Chemically inert, the ceramic beads do not contaminate the treated substrates.

Ervin Industries – Steel Shot

AMASTEEL Steel Shot is used to impart a layer of compressive strength to torque or load bearing metal parts.

Shot peening is often called for to relieve tensile stresses built up manufacturing processes and replace them with beneficial compressive stresses. Depending on the part geometry & part material, shot peening can increase fatigue life up to 1000%. It’s commonly used to peen aerospace components, automotive suspension springs, power transmission, wind energy, engine components, mining, oil & gas and many other applications for improving the fatigue life of metal components.

We stock various sizes S70, S110, S230 produced in accordance with Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) Certified Cast Shot AMS2431/1 and AMS2431/2 (Supersedes MIL13165).

Toyo Seiko Cutwire Shots

Our company specializes in the manufacturing and sales of the cut wire shots used in shot peening processes  and support all phases from trial manufacturing to mass production. We can customize shot media according to the customer’s needs, to make them as hard as HV 900 or more, or as soft as HV 150. We have also developed a coverage measuring instrument for checking the coverage of the work, and non-destructive testing equipment that uses positrons.

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