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Sovitec Glassbeads

Aimed at industrial applications, the Masterblast® beads are used in surface treatment by impact. Blasting prevents corrosion and enhances product performance while introducing compressive residual stresses at the surface.MasterBlast® can be used for surface finishing, cleaning, deburring and shot peening. All surfaces can be treated: metal, plastic, glass, rubber, etc. The beads impact gently removes surface defects, especially for soft metals (aluminium, bronze…).

Surface finishing

  • It masks surface defects
  • It obtains a clean, smooth and satiny surface. Allow anti-reflection treatment
  • It allows decorative finishes (cutlery, jewellery…)


  • It does not cause damage to the product and its dimension
  • It provides a smooth and economic cleaning
  • It removes surface oxidation, flame stains…


  • Remove burrs
  • Clean, with high precision, pieces without damaging cutting edges
  • Perform all processing in one time
  •  Easily reproducible, even on products with high dimensional tolerance

Shot peening

  • Reduce crack spread and corrosion of pieces while increasing lifecycle
  • Create a surface layer of compression, controlled thickness, without damaging the surface
  • Do not contaminate parts thanks to the chemical neutrality particularly suitable for pieces in stainless steel, titanium, special alloys…

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